zafar Iqbal poetry

Zafar Iqbal poetry

Read through our collection of Zafar Iqbal poetry and ghazals. Read, submit, and share our fantastic shayari collection. Our poetry collection is updated on a regular basis. Zafar Iqbal is a well-known Pakistani poet known for his distinct poetic style. Read more

Friendship Poetry in Urdu

Friendship Poetry in Urdu

Friendship Poetry in Urdu Urdu Poetry on Friendship available another interesting theme of friendship poems. Allah’s gift of friendship is priceless. A genuine friend is preferable to a slew of imposters. As a result, we create the best friendship poetry Read more

Punjabi Poetry in Urdu

Punjabi Poetry in Urdu 2022

Punjabi Sad ,Love Poetry in Urdu Viewers This post’s poetry collection is focused solely on Punjabi poetry. Punjabi poetry is popular among many people. Some people enjoy sad poetry, while others enjoy Punjabi poetry. This poetry anthology caters to everyone’s Read more


Ishq Poetry in Urdu

محبت ” اور عشق سے بچ کے رہنا “صاحب”محبت کا میم موت ہے اور عشق کا عین عذاب لے کر زنجیریں ہاتھوں میں کچھ لوگ تمہاری طاق میں ہیںاے عشق ہماری گلیوں میں نہ اور پھرو تو اچھا ہ تجھ Read more