Attitude Poetry in Urdu

Attitude Poetry in Urdu

2 Lines of Attitude Poetry in Urdu Poetry by Badmashi brings you the most recent collection of attitude shayari and poem status. The phrase “Attitude & Basically” is derived from the Italian word posture, which means “how you hold yourself.” People also like to express their attitude in unique and shairana ways. Pride and … Read more

Sagar Poetry in Urdu


“Sagar” is a term in Urdu poetry that refers to the sea or ocean. Sagar poetry in Urdu is a genre that explores the vastness and depth of the sea, using it as a metaphor for the human experience. It is a genre that is characterized by its vivid imagery, emotional intensity, and philosophical themes. … Read more

Kafan Poetry in Urdu


Kafan poetry in Urdu is a unique and thought-provoking genre of literature that deals with the theme of death and the preparation of the dead body for burial. The word “kafan” refers to the shroud or cloth that is used to wrap the body of the deceased before burial. Kafan poetry in Urdu is often … Read more

Islamic Poetry in Urdu

Islamic Poetry in Urdu

Islamic poetry in Urdu is a rich and diverse genre of literature that expresses devotion, love, and reverence for Allah (God) and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Urdu is a language that has a long and storied history of poetry, with its roots in Persian and Arabic. Some of the most renowned Islamic poets in Urdu … Read more

Romantic love and Broken heart poetry in urdu

Broken heart poetry in urdu

This poetry collection was created specifically for those who have failed in love and affection and have broken hearts. Because of their beloved’s heartbreak in this situation, such people enjoy reading and writing poetry. This poetry is for people who have broken hearts. We hope you enjoy this poetry collection. Broken Heart Poetry in Urdu … Read more

Best Life Quotes in Urdu

Quotes in urdu

In this post, you will get a new collection of wonderful life Quotes in Urdu. These quotes can help you better comprehend life. Life is an incredible journey full with new experiences, adventures, and emotions. Life quotes in urdu زندگی کا سفر، پھولوں کی طرح ہے، کچھ خوشبو دینے والے اور کچھ کانٹے پھینکنے والے۔ … Read more

Sad poetry in Urdu

Sad poetry in Urdu

Here’s a sad Urdu Poetry in Urdu: درد بھری نگاہوں سے دیکھا نہ کرو،وفا کے لیے مجھے تڑپا نہ کرو،رستہ کھول کے سامنے تم کر لو،مجھے دل کی دھڑکن سے خطا نہ کرو۔ آنسوؤں کو ہم نے روکا نہیں کرتےان کو کبھی پوچھا نہیں کرتےجو چاہتے ہیں سمجھوتا کر لیتے ہیںہم اپنی کہانی نہیں بتاتے … Read more

Heart touching Sad poetry in urdu

Sad poetry in urdu

خود پہ بیتی تو روتے ہو سسکتے ہووہ جو ہم نے کیا، کیا وہ عشق نہیں تھا Khud Pe Beeti To Rotay Ho Sisaktay HoWoh Jo Hum Ne Kiya, Kya Woh Ishq Nahi Tha? تجھ سے ہاروں تو جیت جاتا ہوںتیری خوشیاں عزیز ہیں اتنی Tujh Se Haaron To Jeet Jata HoonTeri Khushiyan Azeez Hain … Read more

Wasi shah poetry in urdu

Wasi shah poetry in urdu

Wasi Shah is a well-known Pakistani poet of the pre-internet era. He was born in Pakistan in 1975. He wrote a lot of poetry and ghazals. I’m very excited to post the Wasi Shah Poetry, Wasi Shah Poetry in Urdu, 2 Lines Poetry in Urdu, Wasi Shah Poetry, Wasi Shah Sad Poetry, Wasi Shah Romantic … Read more

Deep Poetry in Urdu

This is the first collection of deep poetry in Urdu, and it is offered to you as a service. Deep Shayari in Urdu is popular because it causes the listener to ponder deeply. Some of the poems in this book are sorrowful, while others are full of love. Many people enjoy writing deep love poetry … Read more

Zafar Iqbal poetry

zafar Iqbal poetry

Read through our collection of Zafar Iqbal poetry and ghazals. Read, submit, and share our fantastic shayari collection. Our poetry collection is updated on a regular basis. Zafar Iqbal is a well-known Pakistani poet known for his distinct poetic style. Zafar Iqbal was born into an Arain family in the Punjab town of Bahawalnagar, where … Read more

Bulleh Shah Poetry in Urdu

Bulleh Shah Poetry in Urdu

Bulleh Shah Punjabi Poetry Syed Abdullah Shah Qadri, also known as Bulleh Shah and Bulleya, was a 17th-century Punjabi philosopher and Sufi poet. Shah Inayat Qadiri, a Sufi murshid from Lahore, was his first spiritual teacher. He was a mystic poet who is often considered as the “Father of Punjabi Enlightenment.” 1680 (Punjab)Kasur died in … Read more