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How to Find Sim Owner Name by Mobile Number?

Find any SIM Owner Name by Mobile Number in Pakistan for free online and gain full access to any number’s details such as name, address, and location.

It is obvious that for specific reasons, we prefer the registered owner / lost caller as well as the address of the specific name and phone number. However, it is frequently in violation of each other’s privacy and the law, which we will have to acknowledge. A Sim owner’s details can be used to determine the name of the sim card’s owner.

Check Mobile Number Owner Detail with Name and Address in Pakistan

The law never allows someone to know identifiable contact data alongside verified accounts in real life. As a result, only a rough estimate of a phone caller’s location is available on all web applications. However, there are a few applications and websites that seek to view the caller’s name by stealing other people’s personal information. Anyone can use Live Tracker to look up the details of a mobile phone number.

SIM Owner Name by Mobile Number in Pakistan Online 2022

Find Mobile Number by Name of Person?

  • View applications and exchange names and personal information from either the address book or the calendar.
  • Join the smartphone and names on the public platform.
  • In the website’s comment sections, enter the names and phone numbers to call.
  • Details about the community are made public.
  • In the website’s ob portal, update the name with both phone numbers;
  • Enter your phone number and name on the online publicity website.
  • Zong, a Pakistani telecom company, offers a variety of call packages as well as high-speed internet packages.

In addition, Mobilink (Jazz), one of the largest telecom sectors, offers fantastic call and internet packages.


Phone Number Details with Name

Other power companies in Pakistan, such as Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Warid, or Zong, will be assigned to and distributed with all contact information. These mobile network service providers rely on the SIM Card verification form to keep track of each caller’s name, location, street name, ID card, address, and so on.

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The information provided above is used to search any Mobile Number PTA SIM Information System. If you receive persistent disturbance from an unidentified individual, please contact the appropriate motive network and provide a copy of the police station’s report.

SIM Number Information with Name Address

When looking for phone number holders again, there are two types of criteria to consider: eagerness and compulsion. If you have a specific request/justification for having mobile numbers information, please contact the police station to obtain an official copy of the police complaint before engaging in any further negotiations with the phone company.

The service provider will notify all caller details based on your urgency/requirement. That would be the legal way to obtain the owner’s mobile phone number and address in Pakistan. Use the live tracker tool to locate a phone number.

Pakistan SIM Information System by PTA

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), when a new SIM is purchased, a double-size SIM is obtained, or if you want to change the name of the SIM owner or revise your SIM for any reason, it must be checked by the biometric verification system (BVS) in Pakistan after NADRA has been checked online.

At the moment, only five SIM cards per CNIC are permitted.

Make sure to collect your SIM after the biometric check, and if the sales representative refuses to hand over your SIM, please file a complaint first. To send your complaint to PTA via a sim information system, the company whose sales channel was visited must have your CNIC number, the date of the visit, and the name and address of the sales channel.

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