Lab Assistant Job Interview Questions & Answers

Lab Assistant Job Interview Questions & Answers

Workers in the lab collect and process samples which can help decide diagnoses alongside researchers and scientists. Its tasks include the preparation of specimens, research collection and testing. Workers in laboratories often work in scientific and medical contexts.

Top five laboratory assistants interview questions for recruitment managers and candidates with full suggestions.

Lab Assistants Job Interview Questions & Answers:

1. What safety procedures do you follow if a sample spills on the ground?

Test the applicant’s health and safety regulatory knowledge in a laboratory.

2. What experience do you have with laboratory information systems?

Exposes the experience of the candidate dealing with laboratory information systems.

3. How do you handle hazardous gas?

Emphasizes the knowledge of laboratory operations of the candidate.

4. What is the purpose of an MSDS?

Disclose the preceding schooling of the candidate.

5. How would you ensure all research notes are recorded and updated?

Tests the administrative and organisational capabilities of the candidate.

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