Professor Job Description

Professor Job Description

Learn the essential qualifications, duties, responsibilities and competences in a job description for professors.

Higher education institutions employ professors and divide time between research, education and academic services. Professors will spend more time researching and less lectures for students as they acquire experience. In general, teachers fill the supervisory responsibilities and assist colleagues, attend conferences, publish articles.

Professor Job Description Template

In order to join our exceptional staff, we are seeking for an organised, resourceful teacher. The responsibility of the professor includes, but is not limited to, the teaching of a necessary number of graduate classes, the development of course materials, supervision of graduate students, regular publication of journal articles and the participation in committees, the participation at conferences, the preparation of grants, the presentation and management of other administrative functions.

You should be able to mix teaching and research commitments to succeed as a professor. Subject matter and managerial assistance to the faculty are provided by excellent professors who are competent to undertake independent research, accurately allocate resources effectively.

Professor Responsibilities:

  • Curricula development and materials delivery of courses.
  • Research, fieldwork and research, and report writing.
  • Publishing research, participating in conferences, presentation and networking in the sector.
  • To travel to other institutions or academic settings in order to learn and gain experience.
  • Participating in meetings of the committee, ministry and faculty.
  • Training and mentoring for teachers and teaching staff.
  • Review and recommendations on methods and instructional materials.
  • Support for recruitment of students, interviews and academic consulting.
  • To help create a climate which encourages progress, equal treatment and freedom of expression.

Professor Requirements:

  • A doctorate in the field concerned.
  • Three to ten years of teaching experience in academia.
  • Published papers and established academic experience.
  • Strong education and talents in mentoring.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • A good knowledge and love for the topic.
  • Reception to work and travel regularly for long hours.
  • Excellent networking and a growing attitude.

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