Research Assistant Job Description

Research Assistant Job Description

Learn about the important qualifications for a research assistant job description, tasks, responsibilities and abilities.

Research assistants are often high-school students assisting academics in a particular field of research.

Research Assistant Job Description Template

We are seeking to help our research project through the preparation of interviews, the synthesis of results and the supervision of graduates participated in the research project.

You must be able to do multitasking to succeed as a research assistant. A excellent research assistant manages various projects by prioritising major tasks and establishing a timetable for the completion of work.

Research Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and summarise interview questions.
  • Conduct reviews of literature.
  • Research and summarise conclusions. Research.
  • Respond to research e-mails.
  • Wait for the meetings of the project.
  • Update material of the webpage.
  • Prepare reports of progress.
  • Check the progress of students participating in the initiative.
  • Monitor the budget for the project.
  • Assistant to Research Requirements:
  • Currently studying as a high-school or post-school student.
  • A diploma in the field of study.
  • Excellent management skills.
  • Connaissance of methods of investigation.
  • Capacity to do several tasks.
  • Abilité à travailler sous pression.
  • Excellent talents in time management.

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